Daily Meditation for Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time from the Daughters of St. Paul


Centuries before man began to study the intricate structure of the human body, the psalmist wrote “I am fearfully, wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14). We can certainly echo his sentiments today, knowing as we do that the self-repairing body of man is so highly organized as to make the most sophisticated computer seem a child’s toy.

We are fascinated by… (iPads, 4G, and the latest electronic advances). We admire the genius and skill that made them possible. Then, shouldn’t we admire the Author of that same genius and skill? Shouldn’t we pause in awe before the Designer of the self-reproducing complexity of the human organism, in which 15 billion nerve tracks coordinate one quadrillion cells, each performing a specific function for the well-being of one, unique, incommunicable “I?”

– The Vatican II Weekday Missal, Prepared by the Daughters of St. Paul, 1975, pp. 283-284.

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