Can These Peeps Get a Break?



Can these peeps ever get a break?

Mom has been complaining about heart palpitations for the last week or so. Is it any wonder? Dad just got home from the hospital Thursday, just in time for Mom’s birthday on Friday. No sooner home than he immediately had a dizzy spell and a little trouble getting upright from a seated position. Mom had to call Butch for help. Thank God he was available to help.

Dad’s shoulder is sore from smacking into the wall in early December. He has physical therapy exercise homework daily, but it’s no picnic. Some of the movements hurt like heck.

Now at Lutheran General for an infusion, Dad gets sent to Radiology for a scan. Just a precaution, but it was ordered, so they go.

Ran into a “customer service” issue with the receptionist in the department. Without going into detail, it got both Mom and Dad’s blood up to the boiling point.

Maybe the receptionist isn’t familiar with #DavesTwoRulesOfCustomerService. Hmm… perhaps I should hold an in-service.

It was a year ago today that Dad coded and the angelic staff of SVTU (critical care unit) at Christ Medical Center saved his life.

It’s also my Uncle Bob’s birthday (Mom’s brother). Happy birthday, Uncle Bob. I love you!
Please pray for Mom, that she can find a way to de-stress just a little.

Please pray for Dad, that he can gain enough strength to enjoy some quality time at home. And give Mom enough confidence that he’s “okay” enough that she can relax some.

Mom and Dad both appreciate all the prayers and kind words from all of you. They asked me to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of their hearts. They are sincerely in awe of all your support.

Thanks from me and my sisters and all the rest of us, too.

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