A (Very) Short Play – Part II(A)


(An addendum to last month’s installment)

Scene: Same location. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Concourse A, Caribou Coffee, across from Gate A3

The scene begins after the lights have dimmed on the previous scene. After a pause of about ten seconds, the scene resumes at the same location. Mark and Patricia are no longer visible to the audience. We hear the general din of people moving about the concourse and the sounds of the airport.

There are four people in line at Caribou. The woman at the front of the line is speaking to the barista and preparing to pay for her order. Gate 3 is now nearly empty, with two female Delta employees at the counter and one man sitting in the waiting area, small notebook computer on his lap, typing intently. Several people walk from right to left across the scene. They appear to be headed toward another gate.

Suddenly, from the right, Stephen enters in a full sprint toward Gate 3. As he approaches the Gate, his pace slows considerably as he sees that the flight arriving at Gate 3 has obviously arrived and the passengers have departed. He is out of breath; it is evident that he has been running for some time. He heaves his shoulders, takes a deep breath, exhales, bends forward, and puts his hands on his thighs, just above the knees. He pauses, stands upright, and approaches the two employees at the Gate 3 counter.

– End, Part II(A) –

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