Happy April Fool’s Eve, Darlin’!

I met my future wife right now, 10:30 PM — yes, that’s correct, on April Fool’s Eve — 32 years ago tonight, March 31, 1984.
I was waiting for the final decree of dissolution of marriage and not feeling very good about myself. A mid-life crisis at age 25. Hated my chosen profession. My opinion of myself wasn’t much better.
Then, I met Kathy, a divorced mom of two little ones. On April Fool’s Eve.
Little did she know, the joke was on her.
My life changed instantly. 15 months later, we were married. Instant fatherhood. Three more kids, seven grandchildren, and now another grandchild on the way, the first of our own progeny.
At Doug and Amy's wedding, 5/23/15.

At Doug and Amy’s wedding, 5/23/15.

The years have flown by. So many things have happened. Good. Bad. Sad. Happy. Awful. Miraculous.
We’ve hung onto the mast of the listing boat and sailed on very smooth seas. No doubt, more rocky waters are ahead. But that’s okay. That’s life.
I love ya, Kath. Thanks for putting up with me all these years.
As long as you’re in the boat with me, everything will be okay.
Stephen, Doug, Andy, Sarah, and Martha at Doug's and Amy's wedding, 5/23/15

Stephen, Doug, Andy, Sarah, and Martha at Doug and Amy’s wedding, 5/23/15.



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