Who is the Most Humble Person You Know?

And do you know the true definition of humility?

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Jesus speaking to the crowds and to His disciples in Matthew 23:12

I struggle with this every single day. Typically, when I get too full of myself, God finds a way to knock me down a peg or two.

It’s a natural part of the human condition to be pleased with our own accomplishments. Consider children seeking approval of a parent, sibling, or playmate.

Part of our normal development is striving for achievement.

We begin life completely and utterly helpless. We learn from our parents and those who touch our tiny lives. Our parents are excited to hear us utter sounds, take our first steps, learn how to color, write, go potty, learn to read.

Achievement can be healthy and it can be unhealthy.

Jesus specifically points out the scribes and Pharisees who “have taken their seat on the chair of Moses.” (Remember the chair of Peter yesterday? Compare and contrast.) Obviously, they allowed their positions of authority get out of control. They no longer see the humility of their role.

What is the true definition of humility?

Who is the most humble person you know?

Here are my thoughts:



Thanks for taking some of your precious time today to read and listen to my thoughts. My commitment during Lent 2016 is to post a daily video reflection to help you and me on our walk through the season and toward Easter Sunday. I will also explore other matters of faith and also health and fitness to keep us fit for the journey. Click here for my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/davekwiecinski

I appreciate your help and encouragement. Please let me know how I can help you. This is something I’ve been called to do for some time. I’m finally embracing it. Father, forgive me for procrastinating.

2 Responses to Who is the Most Humble Person You Know?

  1. Staci Troilo says:

    Most of the people in my life have big personalities and a lot of confidence. I wouldn’t say any are braggarts, but I think in this day and age, we teach our children to strive for big things and acknowledge what they’ve accomplished. And we herald their accomplishments, too. I think sometimes we get confused between being humble and being a doormat, so we encourage—or at least enable—people to showcase their positive traits and hide their negative ones, because otherwise, others may (will?) exploit others’ weaknesses to elevate themselves. Finding that right balance is tricky, and growing ever-more elusive.

    All that said, I think my grandfather was the most humble man I ever met.

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    • Thoughtful comments, Staci. It is a fine line and a balancing act. It’s incumbent upon us to spell out the nuances so the newest generation “gets it.” My personal experience is that many of all generations don’t.


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