Morning from Hell Becomes Morning of Hope

Wet, snowy weather north of Chicago this morning. 23 miles from home, my car stalled while driving on a busy highway and would not restart. Fortunately, the car had enough forward momentum to roll to a stop safely on the shoulder.

I was driving between appointments. Tried to start the car. No dice. Called our Roadside Assistance provider, then sent a text to my next client to warn her I’d be late.

Roadside was having trouble finding a towing service with an available truck due to the weather. While still on the phone with them, another client called. I couldn’t answer. I kept trying to start the car.

Finally, arrangements were made for a jump-start and possible tow. Not excited about any of it and how it was impacting my day.

By now, my 7:30 appointment was canceled and my expectations for the day were deteriorating.

I probably tried to start the car a dozen times. I was pretty sure the battery no longer had sufficient ‘juice’ to start the engine, but I kept turning the key, hoping against hope.

No luck. No success.

I looked at the snow accumulating on my mirrors and rear window. It was already 7:45. The truck would arrive in 45 minutes. The day was turning into a disaster. In desperation, staring at my snowy side view mirror, I said “please God, will you let the car start?”

I grasped the key. One more time, I gave it a turn.

The dashboard lit up immediately, the tachometer dial spun, and I heard that familiar roar of the engine.

Coincidence? Maybe. Answered prayer? Maybe.

I think yes.

I’ve got to tell you, as soon as that car started, my eyes watered.

Nobody was approaching from behind. I threw it into Drive and took off. I was still on hold with the young lady from Roadside Assistance…

23 miles later, my car is safely in the garage. It’s not ‘better,’ we still have issues, but that car has 290,838 miles on it. It’s served me well.

As I shoveled the small amounts of snow clinging to the driveway and sidewalk, I thought about having to cancel my 7:30 appointment. I marveled that the rest of my appointments for the day canceled and I was able to drive directly to the home office. I arrived safely and was granted a new lease on the day.

Thinking about all that and what was in store next, I was overcome again with emotion when I heard a voice — loud and clear — give me instructions for my mission for the rest of today.

It’s 10:00 in the morning and the daily lessons are already overwhelming.

First, don’t EVER doubt the power of prayer.


“Ask and ye shall receive.”

I don’t think God is sitting around fielding auto repair questions. And I don’t think I necessarily deserved His one minor, but very-huge-to-me favor.

And it would be so easy to brush off the event, attribute it to coincidence, and go about my day. But without even asking, He told me how to repay Him.

So when you humbly ask for God’s favor, remember also to ask how to return the favor.

Then listen for His answer.

(I don’t think I made a conscious effort to do that, but it became clear as things occurred. I’m thankful that I happened — just happened — to be listening!)

One other thing. I read a couple things this morning about Advent being the season of Hope. Never, ever stop praying. And asking. And hoping. Even if you don’t get exactly what you asked for.

And think about what small thing you can do to bring joy to someone else’s heart, to make their day just a little more pleasant, maybe to offer them a ray of hope.

Messages can be received anywhere. Be sure you’re listening.


Home, sweet home. Where's the coffee?

Home, sweet home. Where’s the coffee?

4 Responses to Morning from Hell Becomes Morning of Hope

  1. Staci Troilo says:

    You know I, too, am a staunch believer in the power of prayer. So many times a “Please, God” in our lives turned out to be just what we needed. And we’re always grateful. You’re so right, Dave. After accepting His Grace, we should remember to keep listening, to hear how we can best return the favor.

    I’m sorry for your car troubles, but in the end, glad it’s all working out for you.


    • Thank you, Staci. It’s humbling. And I’m stubborn enough to continue self-diagnosis and resisting making a decision about what to do next. So I’m really throwing myself at God’s mercy as I sort through things and do what I think He is asking me to do.

      Well… He’s actually telling me what I should do, but His grace allows me to say yes or no.


  2. Mary Dalton says:

    Thanks, Dave for the reminder! Hope. Have a blessed today.

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