Brutality and The White Man

Some controversy lately about scalping being an import of the Europeans to North America.
“The North American soil is hallowed by the blood of these unbelievably heroic martyrs. There were eight — all of French origin, all working in the mission area known as New France. Six were Jesuit priests and two were unpaid lay helpers. All were martyred from 1624 to 1649 — five of them in present Canada and three near Auriesville, N.Y. The priest Isaac Jogues had been tortured and mutilated but courageously returned to the missions. Jogues and La Lande, priest and layman, were tomahawked on October 18 and 19, 1646, by a Mohawk war party. A beautiful shrine at Auriesville (near Interstate 90) recalls their martyrdom. They were canonized as saints in 1930.”  – Excerpted from The Vatican II Weekday Missal, St. Paul Editions, p. 1796, October 19, “Sts. Isaac Jogues and John De Brebeuf, priests and martyrs, and Companions, martyrs.”
“His letters and journals tell how he and his companions were led from village to village, how they were beaten, tortured and forced to watch as their Huron converts were mangled and killed.”
There is little doubt that Jogues and his companions were the first white men to live and move in the area.
Looking at the history of Catholicism, the movement and sacrifice of missionaries and other holy men and women (and not only Roman Catholics, but in later years Protestant Christians), it is jaw dropping to read about the love and peace that spread throughout a barbaric world.
And Christians are repeatedly targeted for persecution, prosecution, and discrimination.
God help us.

This is where Kit Kat is buried. R.I.P. little buddy.

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