A (Very) Short Play – Part III

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Scene: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Domestic Terminal, Sky Train Airport Station

Wikimedia Commons: ATL Skytrain Main Station.JPG

Patricia and Mark are waiting for the Sky Train to arrive in the station to take them to the Car Rental Center. Patricia is checking her telephone for messages. Mark is people watching. Patricia completes her message and puts her phone in her purse.


Patricia: Well… that’s a relief!

Mark: Crisis?

Patricia: Sam had some lab work done. My mom just told me the doctor’s office called and gave the all clear. He hadn’t been feeling well and it lasted long enough to see the doctor. Nothing serious, but it’s a relief anyway.

Mark: Yeah, that’s always a relief. I couldn’t stand traveling when one of the kids was sick. (chuckling) I remember when our oldest came home from school with head lice. That was not a good day.

Patricia: We’ve had to check for lice a couple of times. Not the worst thing that could go wrong, really. Just one more thing to think about.

Mark: You’ve got a lot on your mind today.

Patricia: I wasn’t even worried about Sam, actually. I thought he was fine, but it was precautionary. I’m fine. Seriously. Everything was fine today… until…

Patricia’s voice trails off and the only sounds heard are the buzz of other people’s conversations and the sounds of the train station.

Mark: Until you started thinking about the presentation?

Patricia: No. I’m fine with the presentation.

Mark (interrupting): That’s not what you said at the gate.

Patricia: Oh, Mark, I’ve got a bunch of things on my mind. I’m getting just a little tired of playing the game.

Mark: You really are all over the place today.

Patricia (audibly sighs): Oh my God… I’m not. I mean, I probably sound like I am. (Another pause. It’s obvious Patricia is thinking about what to say, so Mark just waits for her to come up with the words.) Have you had one of those ‘life slaps you in the face’ moments lately? Everything changes. You can’t think straight…

Mark (laughing): Are you kidding? I’m married! With three teenagers! Pretty much every day… (no longer laughing) oh, hey… Patricia, I didn’t mean to bring up…

Patricia: Being married? I’m over it. It’s been six months already. Almost two years since I kicked him out. I hardly ever even think of him any more. Except when I think about Sam needing a dad. But Sammy needs a real dad. Not some jerk who picks at him… constantly! But that’s not… Rob is the last person on my mind today.

Mark: Who is on your mind? Or what is? You’re just not you today.

Male voice over loudspeaker inside station: Train is arriving. Please stand clear of the doors.

Mark: Saved by the train!

Patricia: I’m not so sure that saved me from anything. Just delays the interrogation for a few minutes.

Mark (chuckling): That’s right. I’ll be able to set up the bright lights and stir up the passengers.

As Mark is speaking, the train arrives and the train and platform doors open. Arriving passengers move past Patricia and Mark and the other people waiting to board. The exchange of passengers is complete and Patricia and Mark stand near the doors, looking back at the place where they just stood. The train and platform doors begin to close simultaneously.

Female voice over loudspeaker inside train: Doors closing. Please stand clear of the doors. Doors closing. Please stand clear of the doors.

Suddenly, from the left, Steve is seen running full speed toward the departing Sky Train. He is milliseconds too late, as the doors are secured and the train begins to move. Patricia and Mark are both startled.

Patricia: Oh my God! What is he doing here?

Mark: Is that… Steve Parker?

Patricia: How do you know Steve?

Female voice over loudspeaker inside train: Welcome aboard the A. T. L. Sky Train…… (voice trails off as scene fades)

– End, Part III –

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: ATL Skytrain Main Station.JPG (full attribution: DeKalb at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons)

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