St. Augustine Didn’t Get It

Today is the Feast of St. Augustine. He didn’t get it for 33 years.

How old are you? Just askin’.

I still don’t get it most of the time…

He died in the year 430 as the barbarians laid seige to Hippo, where Augustine was Bishop.

Even the Roman Empire collapsed.

St. Francis de Sales reminds us that

“the worst thing that can befall persons who have good will is to want to be what they cannot be and not want to be what they necessarily must be.” (From his Spiritual diary.)

He goes on to suggest that we can’t always hit the home run when it comes to amassing spiritual riches, but we can make small deposits daily by our small interactions with others.

How’s that going for you?


Thanks for taking some of your precious time today to read my thoughts. My intention is to post a brief, daily meditation based on the readings from the day’s Catholic liturgy. I would appreciate your help and encouragement. This is something I’ve been called to do for some time. I’m finally embracing it. Father, forgive me for procrastinating. And for still not posting a meditation daily.

This is where Kit Kat is buried. R.I.P. little buddy.

This is where Kit Kat is buried. R.I.P. little buddy.







4 Responses to St. Augustine Didn’t Get It

  1. Staci Troilo says:

    Dave, when I turned 33, I thought about all Jesus had accomplished by then, and about what he endured for us (the ultimate accomplishment). It kind of depressed me, because, while I know I’ll never be as perfect as Jesus, I know that’s who we should strive to be like.

    Then my sister-in-law called me to wish me a happy birthday. Her exact words? “Happy Rolling Rock Birthday!” (We’re from Western Pennsylvania, so we’re well familiar with Latrobe and Rolling Rock beer.)

    That kind of put life in perspective.

    I’m eleven years past 33. I haven’t achieved anything approaching sainthood-status. But I keep trying. And I’m okay with that.

    Thanks for sharing this today.


    • That’s funny, Staci! “Happy Rolling Rock Birthday!” Cute.

      All we can do is try to be a little better today than yesterday. We can’t have yesterday back, much less a year or two or five or 33.

      We keep trying.

      That’s all He asks.


  2. Rebeca Jones says:

    Thought-provoking, Dave. Most days I miss the mark, but on the rare occasion that I stay focused on Jesus…indescribably sweet! Small deposits daily. I like that. That is attainable, even for those of us not destined to be spiritual giants, eh?


    • Right, Rebeca! All we can hope to do is one small thing now, maybe another one later. If we end up doing something great… wow! What a blessing that would be!

      But He doesn’t ask — nor require — us to be a superhero.

      And that alone is a blessing.


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