Thoughts way too early on a Sunday morning

There are way too many people way too hysterical about way too many of the wrong things.

Remember what life is all about.

Most people (and yes, businesses… particularly those in the ‘free world’) want to help other people, not harm them.

We are all — that means all of us — that means 100% — that means NO EXCEPTIONS — are going to die, so what is this life’s journey really all about?

How about let’s all turn on our brains, firmly secure our thinking caps, and use reason and logic, guided by experience, to ascertain motive as we judge who may and who may not be telling the truth.

Are we about self-determination or do we need other people to tell us right from wrong, good from bad, ‘smart’ from ‘stupid,’ holy from evil?

There’s more, but that’s enough. I need to go back to bed. I’m just… troubled by so much of it…


And oh by the way, if you haven’t tried it, you can pray yourself back to sleep. And the longer it takes, the better:) Try it.

One Response to Thoughts way too early on a Sunday morning

  1. annette says:

    Hey Dave , I LOVE YOUR THOUGHTS ….yea I feel you on your entire post . I’m gonna copy it and re-read it from time to time …cuz I wanna make sure I’m not who I’m readn about “”_ .

    Hugs , Annette


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