Let Your Words out


Anne Peterson is a role model for me. She is a prolific writer. A course called Tribe Writers by Jeff Goins helped her find her writing voice. It led to her publishing “the book I was meant to write.”

Please take two or three minutes to read what Anne has to say here. Thanks.

Anne Peterson Writes


I have to write. From the time I was young, writing has been an escape for me. While things were difficult at home, I could go to this imaginary place. my new home.

The spiral notebooks stacked in a box don’t look like much. But tucked inside are the pages of my life. The days when we didn’t know where my sister was, the endless prayers, “God give us an answer.”

The days leading up to the births of my children. Each emotion scrawled onto the paper. Scrawled because not everyone could write like Mary Ann Kenny.

Looking through those journals I see a younger me, someone whose feet were not wet, someone whose heart was still intact. Someone very young and inexperienced.

Writing is not a hobby to me. Writing is like breathing.

I place my fingers on the keys and my mind opens. Out tumble the words which…

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