The Next Giant Baby Step Could Be Today


Lots of activity for Dad (Norb Kwiecinski) on his 56th day in intensive care.

He stood up again with the help of the physical and occupational therapists.  He had a nice conversation with Felicia, the speech therapist, as he tried out a speaking valve for his trach.  Not ready for full-time use of it yet, but he’s making progress.

Uncle Stan, Dad’s brother, and Aunt Bernie visited during the afternoon.  I asked Dad if he wanted to say hello to Uncle Stan by having me place a finger over the trach opening.  When Uncle Stan heard Dad greet him, he couldn’t mask his joy.

Dad was exhausted after therapy, visiting with us, a couple of minor “housekeeping” procedures, good-natured two-way harassment with John, the physician’s assistant, the long conversation with Felicia, and a long visit with Dr. Charles Alex.  He kicked us out around 6:30.  Said he wanted to take a snooze.

He’s pushing hard.  He’s working hard.

Dad had a good night, according to his overnight nurse.  Slept on and off, probably because he fell asleep so early in the evening.  The plan is to transfer him out of intensive care today, day 57 of intensive care.

We are collectively holding our breath that this is really happening.

Dad is stunning everyone, us, the entire medical staff — everyone — with his giant baby strides forward.  Baby steps… baby steps…


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