Hurtling Toward Your Own Death

This past month… really the past two months have been a blur.

Dad entered the hospital on Friday, December 13.  Diuretics helped him lose more than 11 pounds in about four days.  He came home, but he still wasn’t himself.

Mom was stressed with the bustle of the Christmas season.  Heck, she had barely recuperated from Thanksgiving.  Mom always hosts Thanksgiving and she does the lion’s share of the cooking and all the preparing.  It’s been that way for decades.  She loves it.  Mom and Dad love to entertain.

But the toll of all the stress finally caught up with Mom.  On December 29, she was hospitalized.  It was Dad who played caregiver.

The following Meditation for Spiritual Growth is for Saturday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time (The Vatican II Weekday Missal, prepared by the Daughters of St Paul, p. 328):

(Death)  —  How tempting, how deceptively easy it is to put off thinking of our own death.  Our days are full; life is distracting; at all times there are so many other lighter, lesser thoughts to think about.  So, just as much as we bury the dead do we bury the thought of our own personal death.  We find ourselves reading obituaries, attending wakes, going to funerals of people of our own generation; yet somehow we can avoid the thought of our own dying.  How true is the saying of La Rochefoucauld: “We can look neither at the sun nor at death steadily.”

Yet we know that this interstate highway of life, down which we are traveling at full speed, ends at a precipice over one of the hills just ahead.  Our imagination has erected a large paper sign across the road in front of the precipice.  That paper sign may picture the road as continuing on and winding away to infinity, but we shall crash through the paper and will go down the precipice, as do all mortal men.

I’ll have something to add to this later, but I wanted to post it immediately.

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