Romney Took a Knee Last Night


For the non-football fans among you, at the end of a football game, when one team is ahead and they are simply attempting to run out the clock, they line up in “victory formation.”

The team lining up in victory formation is winning the game.  They don’t have to do anything besides run out the clock in order to preserve their victory.

They may be in a position to score more points, but there is no need.  They don’t want to “rub it in.”  They don’t want to risk injury.  They just want the game to end and victory will be theirs.

So with possession of the ball (they are on offense), the players line up in a tight formation, forming a sort of cocoon around their quarterback.  When the quarterback says “hike!” and the center snaps the football to the quarterback, the quarterback receives the ball and immediately kneels down.  The officials blow the whistle and the play is over.

Victory formation.

From start to finish last night, Mitt was in victory formation.

He took a knee.

Well ahead, victory not in doubt, not willing to risk the outcome, Mitt Romney went into victory formation.

Obama couldn’t touch him.

Rah!  Rah!  Sis!!  Boom!!!  Bah!!!!


Next analogy: heavyweight boxing title bout.

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