No God?

I quite accidentally came across the following Huffington Post blog entry by Margaret Wheeler Johnson:

I’m Not Catholic Anymore, But …

I don’t believe in the religion anymore and am now an atheist, but lately I’ve been feeling a sense of loss.

 Compelled to read it, I’m now compelled to reply:

Margaret, someone much more articulate than me once said that our universe consists of only five things.  Time, space, energy, and matter are four of them.  All is chaos without the fifth element:  infinite intelligence.

Call it what you will.  I call infinite intelligence God.  Without God, we have no reason.  Without God, there is no order to the universe.  How can we exist, how can the universe exist without an infinite intelligence bringing order to time, space, energy, and matter?

It matters little what we think or what reason compels us to conclude.  Without some intelligent entity, how could we possibly exist?  Without an intelligence that is greater than us, how could we reason?  How is it that matter and energy have coalesced to form us?  Or animals?  Or anything?  How is it possible that I can read and write?  How is it possible that we have the marvels of language… or a computer… or a keyboard… or the internet?

Human beings can build tables and automobiles and houses and factories.  But anything close to a fingernail?  Anything close to replicating the integumentary system?

Anything but a crude replica?

Why is that?

And the mere fact that we can create anything close… or the even more simple fact that we can imagine creating something… anything… establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are filled with reason.

And without reason, all is chaos.

(Speaking of chaos…

If the universe’s birth was truly the result of the Big Bang, isn’t that miraculous?)

And how does reason spring forth from the energy and matter that somehow simply existed without a creator to fashion an orderly universe?

New topic.  Well, same topic, new direction.

God is Love.  God doesn’t care if you’ve slept with a woman.  Or ten women.  Or ten women and ten men at the same time.  He doesn’t care.  He loves you.

And He will continue to call you back.

Because that’s where you belong.

Margaret, you are an intelligent woman.  Would you feel a pull back to Him without some void within you?

Reason is incomplete without “a reason.”

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